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UNIQ – Shoprite’s Innovative In-Store Shopping Experience

Updated: Jun 9, 2023

There’s been a lot of buzz around Shoprite Group’s launch of their new high-quality, value-for-money clothing brand store, UNIQ, and their innovative in-store shopping experience they offer customers, and rightfully so.

UNIQ is the first clothing retailer in South Africa to offer a self-service checkout that implements the use of smart tags and advanced Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technology, allowing customers to scan and pay for items easily and also being afforded the sheer convenience of choosing items in store and simply auto-paying on the way out. The JSE-listed company opened their flagship store last week at Canal Walk Shopping Centre with a further eight stores set to open across the country in the next month.

"The world is moving towards becoming cashless. About 90% of our customers use credit cards only," Michael Coles, Shoprite Group's general manager of clothing, told News24. Coles, who was previously Pick n Pay’s head of clothing, was employed to run the UNIQ project about a year ago.

Retailers should be securing a place for RFID in their future roadmap

RFID has become essential in today’s rapidly evolving marketplace and market analysts have welcomed the move by Shoprite, saying it “had the potential to shake up the clothing sector”. RFID is a catalyst really, to uncover new customer experiences, streamlined processes, and enhanced data. Consumers are more receptive than ever to changes that can make their in-store experience more seamless.

Flex Digital’s smaRTE GO solution

Flex Digital’s modern RFID smaRTE GO self-service checkout solution is the answer innovative retailers are looking for, to power self-checkout capabilities, to unlock new, high-quality customer experiences, and to assist retailers to becoming fully omnichannel.

smaRTE GO makes shopping quick and easy:

Step 1: The customer places all selected products inside smaRTE Go

Step 2: smaRTE Go immediately identifies all the customer's items and records them on the Point-of-Sale system

Step 3: When the customer is ready to pay they follow the easy on-screen instructions, complete the payment process and exit the store

smaRTE GO customer benefits:

• Customers can avoid waiting in queues at checkout points

• Quick, easy, guided payment process

• Enhanced customer experience

Visit our website to learn more about our RFID-enabled smaRTE solutions and how they can help to transform your organisation and customers' in-store shopping experience.

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