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John Davison Co-Founder
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John has extensive expertise and experience in commercial, technology, and process re-engineering, with a keen focus on RFID and IoT.

 He has 35 years of experience.

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Neil's speciality is uncovering innovative ways to incorporate IoT and digital innovation to unlock value in the operational environment.

He has 18 years of experience.

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Neil Von Hoesslin Co-Founder
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Dietmar Killian Head of Business Development
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Dietmar has extensive expertise in information and communication technology and business management - with a passion for bringing new technology to the fore. His work experience over the past 30 years has equipped him to become a specialist in solving problems, reducing costs and increasing profit.

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Michelle has comprehensive design, retail, process and key account management expertise. With over 25 years of experience as a creative and innovative thinker, she is helping our team and clients achieve operational excellence.

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Accurate, high-speed stock counting, tracking, and tracing to improve stock replenishment, while reducing unnecessary manual counting, shrinkage, and high safety stock levels costs.


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What does Digital Mastery mean to you?

To us, it is an approach that enables and empowers your business, people, and processes first, and then leverages various leading-edge, digital technologies to deliver the right insights to the right people, right on time. This is what we also refer to as "Real-Time Operational Excellence" or "RTE".


In other words:

Business First + Technology Enabled = Real-Time Operational Excellence


For us, Flawless Execution is simply about getting things done in the most efficient AND effective way by optimising how you utilise and secure your operational assets. 

We believe that Digital Mastery and RTE are the keys to unlocking 

Flawless Executionwhich in turn maximises the return on your operational assets ("RooA"), making your organisation far more profitable!

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When digital transformation is done right, it’s like a caterpillar turning into a butterfly, but when done wrong, all you have is a really fast caterpillar.

George Westerman Quote

George Westerman, MIT Sloan Initiative on the Digital Economy


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FLawless EXecution... Through DIGITAL MASTERY!



What exactly is the problem and what are we aiming to achieve?
Ensure there is consensus from all stakeholders in the business on exactly what the root problems are, what the objectives are, and how success should be measured.


Do we have all the right people singing from the same song sheet? 
Involve all relevant people within the business to ensure there is input, ownership, and buy-in before the project begins. Change management is key to success.


Are our processes still relevant, or do we need to re-design them?
Review and map the existing processes, identify the relevant roles managing these processes, and re-engineer if necessary to align to the planned new method of operating. 


What is the best combination of technologies, that will help us achieve our goals? 
Choose the appropriate technologies and design the solution that will best support the planned new method of operation. 


Does the proposed solution at least pay for itself?
The investment in new technologies should at least pay for itself, otherwise the project should not launch.
We aim for a minimum of 5X Return on Investment.


How do we implement and manage the solution to ensure ongoing success?
Deploy and test the solution through our "FLEX" methodology to ensure agility. Once the solution is operating as intended, manage it on an ongoing basis to ensure continued success. 
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