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Accurate, high-speed stock counting, tracking, and tracing to improve stock replenishment, while reducing unnecessary manual counting, shrinkage, and high safety stock levels costs.


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Many businesses employ critical operational assets that either require physical keys to gain access to them, or they are mobile enterprise devices that need to be securely locked and charged when not in use. These could be portable devices, equipment, vehicles, machinery, stock rooms, chemical rooms, plant rooms, and even remote depots. If these keys and operational devices are not managed properly, it creates numerous risks to the business. Ensuring only authorised people have access to specific keys and assets at specific times means that there is accountability, auditability, and security of these assets. In this way, you can maximise the return on your assets that are essential to the success of your operations.
















When looking for a solution to better manage your critical keys, equipment and enterprise devices, there are essentially three options:

  1. Key Rooms
    If you have a large number of keys (approximately 200 or more keys per location)          that you wish to manage more efficiently, then you would consider a key management room. This involves tagging each key with an RFID label or BLE tag to uniquely identify and track each key. You would then hang your keys in a dedicated, access-controlled key room. This enables you to perform quick identification, location, and counting of your keys while using the access control system, integrated with the RFID/BLE key tracking system, to control who has access to the room, and determine who has removed/replaced specific keys. This creates better control and audit mechanisms to hold your staff accountable.

  2. Key Cabinets
    If you have a relatively low number of keys (less than 200 keys per location) to manage and require individual control over each key, an intelligent key cabinet will most likely be the solution. Key cabinets can be standalone or networked through a cloud software environment and they enable high-security access control to each key. You can manage and audit who has access to what keys at what times through biometric identification and secure RFID-based locking mechanisms in the cabinet.

  3. Secure Lockers

       Organisations need all kinds of devices and equipment for staff to be able to do their

        jobs effectively. If these devices and equipment are not ready and fit for purpose,

        staff cannot do their jobs, customers' needs aren't met, safety obligations can't be

        fulfilled and the organisation doesn't function as well as it should. In most industries,

        portable devices and equipment get broken, stolen or misplaced. Our secure lockers

        will ensure that staff will find a working device that is charged, updated and

        returned on time as they are held accountable within the system. A full audit trail

        and management reports help to ensure full visibility and control at all times. 



FLEX Digital is a market leader in smart key and operational device management, using a combination of innovative, digital technologies. We provide intelligent key cabinets, secure lockers and key management rooms to assist you in better managing your critical keys, equipment and devices. 

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