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Accurate, high-speed stock counting, tracking, and tracing to improve stock replenishment, while reducing unnecessary manual counting, shrinkage, and high safety stock levels costs.


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smaRTE Secure

High-value assets, such as vehicles, manufacturing equipment, IT equipment, skips, solar installations, livestock etc., present a significant risk to any business. They become attractive targets for vandalism and theft. The resultant costs to not only replace these assets, but also the negative impact on operational uptime and yield, could cripple your business. Therefore, all measures must be taken to secure these assets, through real-time monitoring and alerting, intelligent access control, and uniquely identifying each asset as belonging to you. FLEX Digital provides various innovative technology solutions to assist you to secure your valuable and mission-critical operational assets.

These include:

We can monitor any asset, both indoors and outdoors, in real-time 24/7/365 to detect an attempt to vandalise or steal it. Our automated alerts can be sent directly to you, your security team, and even your armed response company so that the appropriate action can be taken immediately while the asset is being compromised. An example of our early-warning solar installation solution can be seen below:


Our microdot solution assists you to uniquely identify and return any asset to you that has been stolen and recovered, along with prosecuting those involved. 

Once mixed in a special adhesive containing a UV trace, our microdots are sprayed onto your valuable asset, giving it its own DNA. The process takes a few minutes and can save you many hours, together with substantial costs. All fitted microdots are linked to a secure database for traceability and authenticity. Read more.


The access control industry has not seen much innovation over the past 15 years. While there have been advances in biometric identification, a complete disruption of how it is delivered is necessary to stay ahead of the criminals who are finding clever ways around traditional access control thinking.

When it comes to visitor and contractor management, most existing access systems still require humans (in most cases the security guard) to be the process and that becomes the biggest risk and cost to any business. The access system should manage the process so that the human risks and related costs are minimised. 

Areas that require access control innovation:
To us, there are 4 main innovation areas for access control in buildings and premises: 

   1. Optimising visitor and contractor pre-clearance.
​   2. 
​​Reducing human intervention through automation.
   3. Ensuring a non-invasive access control experience, using artificial intelligence.
   4. Enabling automated asset security through seamless integration with other
        technologies, such as RFID, BLE, and IoT

Our Solution
FLEX Digital offers another proudly South African, revolutionary access control solution that employs Artificial Intelligence (AI) to seamlessly and automatically manage the access of staff, contractors, and visitors to your business's premises, as well as critical areas within your building. We are the first to seamlessly combine facial recognition, number plate recognition, speeding identification, and asset tracking in one solution. We also leverage this innovative technology in our smaRTE Assets and smaRTE Keys solutions by integrating with RFID, BLE, and IoT technologies. 

The video above is an example of how artificial intelligence is used in our solution to quickly and accurately perform facial recognition AND number plate recognition at the same time, then grant access only if the two match up and they have been pre-authorised for that specific shift. This occurs without the driver needing to move from his seat, or the security guard having to perform any checks or scans. 

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smaRTE Secure
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